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Assessment &

The company «Dοmo+LysisLAB – Laboratory of Structural – Assessment and Protection» is an accredited laboratory by the National Accreditation System (E.SY.D) which operates exploratory work of structural assessment as well as special studies and techniques for the protection of constructions, in the field of civil engineering according to ISO 17025:2017 Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

It is the laboratory solution in construction as it is active both in carrying out exploratory work of structural documentation and in the preparation of specialized technical analysis for the protection of the structures.

The modern equipment  that allocates in collaboration with the experienced staff makes it able to undertake research work on issues related to the structural integrity of constructions and in particular with pathology, corrosion, degradation and ageing of the materials. The company specialize as a technical consultant for projects in the fields of energy, industry infrastructure, as well as special projects for restoration and protection of monumental constructions.

The long-term involvement and the proper implementation of projects related either with structural investigations with non – destructive testing, or special studies and assessments, combined and supported with the technical expertise of personnel in cutting-edge technologies are the first steps forward to ensure the provision of high-quality services at complex technical projects of particular requirements and specifications. 

The company’s international presence in project with high demands requirements confirms its potential, while suggesting both the recognition and the prospect of evolution.

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