Public Market of Chalkida

Project: Rehabilitation and reusability of the listed buildings of the Public Market of Chalkida city.   

Owner: Municipality of Chalkida’s

Location: Chalkida – Evia Island – Hellas

Year of investigation & analysis: 2017 – 2018

Main project features: Diagnostic of listed building constructed in two distinct phases, the first one with masonry walls (1880’) and the second one with reinforced concrete (1930’).    

Activities performed: Complete investigation program that included both field tests (i.e. reinforcement survey, mechanical, chemical and electrochemical tests for corrosion of steel reinforcement), as well as technical analyses to assess the strength of concrete. In addition, exploratory work was carried out to evaluate the mechanical properties of masonry, in terms of the strength of the stones and mortars and the overall quality of the construction by conducting endoscopic investigation and interpretation.